Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover 2.0

Removes the vocals from songs
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Turns regular songs into Karaoke ones by removing the vocals from the track. Works as a Winamp plugin or as a DirectX Audio plugin. May not remove the reverb or the ambiance of the vocals.

Vocal Remover from AnalogX is a simple and small piece of software that emulates a Karaoke DSP effect for audio files. You can get Vocal Remover in two flavors: as a stand-alone application (using DirectX) or as a Winamp plugin. I have chosen the latter option because I already have Winamp installed and his plugin system is very clean and well organized.

The download was very fast, just about 150kb! After a few clicks and some nice installation screens, I managed to install the program (better said, the plugin).
The procedure for activating the plugin is the same as for any other plugin: we have to open Winamp, then press CTRL+P (or go to Context menu ->Options->Preferences). Once arrived to the Preferences window, get into the Plugins > DSP/Effect Category, and we will see a new entry on the list: "AnalogX Vocal Remover" [dsp_vr.dll]. Now we have to just click this entry, and we will see a "Mix" slider. That's what the program is! Simply push the slider up to increase the Karaoke Effect over the audio. If you perform this when playing a song, you will notice the change immediately.

Review summary


  • Small download, quick start


  • I prefer to use the DSP bundled with Winamp, thanks
  • The overall results obtained with the plugin were not completely satisfactory
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